Hi&Mi Management is comprised of Hisayo Kuwata and Mineri Deguchi. Together they have accumulated several decades of booking and model management experience within Tokyo's fashion industry working with a wide range of different agencies. Another member of our company, Mari Hayakawa, is well connected within the European market after having spent years working as a model and later as head booker. Amongst the three of us, the company has gathered a wide range of skills from working with a multitude of clients and models around the world.

Although a new agency, Hi&Mi's solid background in model management and representation allows the company to offer a hilevel of expertise and professionalism in the modeling business. If given the chance you will find that Hi&Mi will not disappoint and only surpass your expectations. By combining our skills, knowledge and experiences with fresh business ideas, we believe Hi&Mi is certain to offer outstanding performance in a wide range of highly competitive services.